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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I WON a Blog Giveaway!

I had entered the Loud and Wacky Street Team (LAWST) New Year's Blog Giveaway.  Entering was easy.  I had to visit each of 10 shops, and pick my favorite item from each shop.  I could have additional blog giveaway entries by blogging about the giveaway, purchasing from any of the 10 shops, or by following the blog.  Each of the 10 shops donated a prize.

Earlier this week, I was excited to receive a message stating that I was the winner of the blog giveaway.  On Friday, I received a big box, with all the wonderful prizes!

Here's what I got:
Thank you Meesh's Pieces for this fluffy scarf.  It's cold outside.  This is just perfect for the cold weather, and the scarf is so soft and comfortable.  It easily wraps twice around my neck.
Thank you Laughing Fridge for this colorful refrigerator magnet.  The fish is following me around with its one eye as I walk around the room.

Thank you Itz Fitz for this cute little squirrel bookmark.  It's so handy, and the squirrel will look like its popping out of the book.

Thank you Susan Williams Designs for this unusual glass pendant and necklace.  The cord feels so velvety.  It will go well with my gray sweater.

Thank you Donkey Says for this dainty necklace.  It has a convenient magnetic clasp that will be a snap to put on when I'm in a hurry.

Thank you Soul in Chains for this furry, fully-lined bag.  I've never seen novelty yarn like this before.  It's hairy and has white fabric and shimmering tinsel in it.  What an interesting conversation piece.

Thank you More Ideas Than Time for this pretty, fully-lined crocheted bag.  I've been meaning to reorganize my purse.  Now I'll have a place to keep my nick knacks when I go out.

Thank you Keychains By Design for this brightly-colored keychain.  I'll be able to spot my keys easily with this, and the gnomes won't be able to hide my keys from me ever again.

Thank you His Child for these sparkly crystal earrings.  They're cute, great for all occasions, and go with just about any kind of clothes.

Thank you Cassie's Creations 09 for these practical note cards.  I've already used one of them, between the time I took the photo and now.

Special Thanks go to Reflections for donating this embroidered gift bag for the finishing touch.  I like how the fish is blowing a bubble.


  1. Wow! Great prizes!

  2. Yes, they sure are. LAWST is having a Valentine's Day Giveaway. Enter by Feb 14, 2010. http://etsylawst.blogspot.com/2010/01/wacky-valentine-giveaway.html

  3. Congrats! And thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow! great give away. I want to be a winner

  5. That's a lot of booty you won! How fun, and thanks for blogging about it! LAWST rocks!

  6. It's not too late to enter the LAWST blog giveaway. You won't be disappointed with the prizes.