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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tutorial 5--Hemp Bracelet

This tutorial is very similar to Tutorial 4, and has only a few minor modifications.  The main purpose of this tutorial is to introduce hemp as a jewelry-making material.  Because the hemp I used to make this bracelet is thicker than the embroidery thread I used in Tutorial 4, the bracelet was much faster to make.

Making a Macrame Bracelet 7 inches (18 cm) long.
Difficulty Level
Very easy

Time taken
10 minutes

Hemp cord, 1.5mm wide.

Follow the instructions as in Tutorial 4--Macrame Bookmark, from Step 1 to Step 16.

Tip:  You can roll up the hemp and use two different colors of clips to clip them, so you can more easily tell which cord is supposed to go over all the other cords.

Trim the ends short.  Fasten the bracelet on by slipping the overhand knot into the loop.

I've placed the hemp bracelet next to the bookmark from Tutorial 4 so you can compare their widths and number of square knots needed.

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